If you need help choosing the right boat for your holiday, contact us and we will find a suitable, best possible offer for you, respecting all your wishes – be it from our own fleet or through some other charter or marina.

After you choose the boat, we will hold a reservation in your name for a few days giving you enough time to double check your decision with other members of your crew.

The boat is considered booked after the first part of the full payment has been made, unless you are booking the boat a month before the trip, in that case the entire payment must be made. You can make the payment via bank transfer.

The skipper should own a valid recognized licence for the chosen size and registered tonnage of the boat (certified by a foreign agency in charge, in accordance with Croatian maritime board, which recognizes licences for boat skippers under Croatian flag) and a valid VHF Operator’s licence.

You can send us your licences and we will check and confirm for you, or you can check the official site of Croatian Ministry of Maritime Affairs:

Recognized certificates for operating boats and yachts

Skipper: If you do not have all the required licences, or if you do, but you only want to relax during your trip and leave the responsibility and operating the boat to someone else, MP Boats will find you a professional reliable skipper who will make your trip safe and enjoyable.

Your skipper will also double as your tour guide; he will take you to amazing places, beaches, recommend good restaurants, and if you feel like it, introduce sailing skills to you.

Keep in mind that skipper is the one responsible for your safety as well as for the safety of the boat. He needs a quality rest, and unless the boat does not have a skipper’s cabin, you have to make sure he has a bunk in the salon if not one of the cabins in order for you to have undisturbed space for evening crew hang outs.

Bareboat: If you have all the necessary licences, but also the required knowledge and skills to operate or sail a boat, you can book a bareboat. In that case you are the skipper and are fully responsible for the safety of your crew and boat.

If you happen to doubt your manoeuvring skills or your knowledge on boats and safety at sea, we suggest you hire a skipper for your own personal safety and the safety of your crew.

Hostess & Cook: If you wish, we can hire a hostess or a professional cook for you in order to make your holiday even more pleasurable and carefree.

You do need to provide food for your skipper. The skipper can eat together with you, on the boat or outside in the restaurants. If you choose to be on your own you need to allow at least € 30/day for skipper’s food.

Of course you can! You can order all the wanted groceries to wait for you on the boat before you set sail.

Personal possessions, light summer clothes and footwear, swimsuits, beach towels, light soft luggage as they store much more easily and save space on the boat after you unpack. Soft, anti-slip boat shoes or tennis shoes are necessary for your safety on boats, sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses and a light vest or wind jacket for spring and autumn evenings. For sailing in winter conditions you need sailing equipment.

Charters in Croatia are organized on weekly basis, Saturday to Saturday. Boats can be rented for a shorter period, but not in the peak season unless the boat is still available just before the possible weekly booking. In that case it is offered as a last minute offer.

You can check in from 16.00 o’clock on Saturdays. If your boat is ready, after your check-in, you can start right away. Check-out is between 8.00 and 9.00 on Saturdays, so we suggest you return to the marina on Friday afternoon, while it’s still day (during season the Sun sets around 19.00 hours).

Booking price includes VAT, boat insurance and all the equipment registered on the inventory list, bed linens, towels, crew list, check-in and check-out, gas, dinghy, auto pilot, GPS, WiFi,…

Additional equipment, listed as such in the price list, is not included in the price. You are not required to take any of the additional equipment, you choose only what you consider to be useful to you on this trip like the outboard engine, spinnaker, and so on.

Detailed cleaning upon your return, filling the tanks with gas and water, spending nights in the marinas and anchoring (anchorages outside designated ports) and sojourn tax are counted as extra expenses.

The sojourn tax is € 1/person/day

Safety deposit is also not included in the booking prize

Berths are paid in all marinas except in the home marina of the charter agency you are booking your boat from. The prices depend on the time of the season and size of the boat. Prices in the ACI marinas can be seen on their official site www.aci.hr. Besides just a berth, marinas provide electricity and water as well as additional services, depending on the marina’s offer.

Safety deposit is paid in cash or by credit card before embarkation and if the boat is returned in time, without damage or loss of any equipment, the safety deposit is returned to the skipper at check-out.

In case of any damage caused by some of the crew members or any other guests, the agency takes the total amount of the accident from the security deposit. If the damage happens to be bigger than the deposit, the agency keeps the entire deposit and the rest is covered by the insurance agency.

To avoid all possible damages, it is important to:

– follow the instructions of the staff during check-in
– regularly check weather forecast, especially weather warnings, and sail according to them
– put a responsible, competent person on the helm.

All boats are fully insured including the third party liability. The amount of deposit is set in the price-list for each vessel.

Marina parking is under surveillance and is paid at the reception of Marina Kaštela. If there happens to be no parking space we can ensure that you get a paid parking space close to the marina. It is necessary to reserve a parking space in advance.

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